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Jivaro Group is a woman-owned, national executive search and consulting firm. Our experience runs deep – not just search and not just industry, but a solid mix of both. Our experience allows us to understand your world more precisely, and to recognize the nuances of your company’s needs.

Our careers have led us through a variety of industries and roles and we’ve conducted searches in multiple disciplines but our sweet-spot remains in senior-level positions in sales, marketing, operations, and professional services. Our focus is on quality…not quantity. We want to find that one critical person you really need to make your team complete.

Why Jivaro Group?

  • We’ve been in shoes similar to yours and we leverage what we learned there to help you find the best talent for your unique positions. We have excellent business experience in both search and corporate environments.
  • We’re not interested in ‘all’ of your searches…quantity is not our motivator; quality is. This perspective allows us to give your critical search a high level of individual attention.

Sue Wyman

Sue WymanI founded Jivaro Group in 1999 and started out working on senior-level sales and marketing searches in the telecommunications industry. Over the years my telecom focus morphed into a broader technology and management consulting focus.

In 2000 I joined the board of Denver Telecom Professionals and headed the Careers Committee. In 2002 I became president of the organization (over 2,500 communications professionals) and acted as president in three of the following five years. In 2007 we re-branded the organization to Communications Technology Professionals; I was the chairman from 2007 – 2011. In 2009 I joined the executive board of the Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology and Entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado.

My association with DTP/CTP, Silicon Flatirons, and other Colorado associations such as TiE Rockies, Influence, and Women Business Executives has provided me with a rich network of friends and associates throughout Colorado and nationally.

Prior to starting Jivaro Group, I was responsible for sales in the western region for a consulting firm that focused on the technology sector. For the ten years prior to that I was at US WEST in a variety of roles. In my last role I led a start-up, mid-market sales organization and was responsible for a 10-city team of sales, sales engineering, and sales support professionals, carrying a $25M quota. Before that I led a 50-person learning organization for over 20,000 sales, marketing, and call center employees.

Before I entered the telecommunications industry, I led a Major Account sales team in the document management industry, and prior to that I was (purely by happenstance) in the uranium mining industry.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Technical Management from Regis College and a Executive MBA from the University of Denver.