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Executive Search – Separating the best from the rest


People are the chief competitive asset of any organization. The ‘right’ person can optimize your team and revenues while the ‘wrong’ person can slow, if not stop, progress. Many factors determine who’s right and who’s not. Those factors are part science and part art…just as business itself is. Identifying top people with strong experience and a proven track record does not necessarily ensure success for your company or your new executive.

Our Solution

At Jivaro Group, our mission is to be your partner in finding the perfect person for your critical position. We do this by making an intellectual investment in your company. We help you move from merely acquiring talent to successfully attracting, acquiring, and integrating it within your organization. We do this by investing time up front to fully understand your company, your organizational culture, and your employer brand.

We drill down into the role itself, focusing on the requirements of the position, and your stakeholders’ expectations for new-hire results.

About Jivaro

Jivaro (ji-var-o):A South American tribe known for its headhunting acumen. Their headhunting ritual took both the candidate’s head and soul. The community lost a valuable human resource.

Jivaro Group (ji-var-o grup): A North American executive search firm known for its headhunting acumen. Our headhunting ritual allows you to keep both your head and your soul. The corporate community gains a person whose head is in the game.